Monday, October 21, 2013


Sooooo ... on our trip to Reno, I discovered that we had several devoted followers of our blog, so I'm attempting to revive it.  Have patience, with me :)  And, hey, if you want to comment and give me some encouragement, I'm sure it will motivate me!

 We're home!  
We made the twenty-two hour flight from Reno, via Dallas, without too many glitches :)

We had an interesting second leg of the  journey, where we were originally all seated in separate seats!   We ended up getting us in groups of two in middle sections, not the best, but at least we were together.  Kate, Eliza, and I were in between two interesting men, one of whom snuggled up with me half the flight while he got some good sleep!  Then there was the time he spent talking to himself ... interesting, indeed.

Kate was watching the Wizard of Oz ... love her expression :)  Strange guy #2 is in the background.  At one point he lost his headphones and got Kate involved in helping him find them in the middle of the night.  It struck me as hilarious and I just couldn't stop laughing!

We came home and crashed ... which is not the best way to adjust, but we just couldn't stay up any longer.  We'd been nearly 24 hours with no sleep for the adults, and a few hours for the kids.  So we all crashed and slept for five hours!

Bard and these three all slept on the couch :)  I guess, when you're tired enough, you can sleep anywhere!

It's been five days now and we're still struggling to get adjusted to the eight hour difference.  We miss everyone back in Reno so much and our house seems quiet and awkward.  I'm sure we just need a few weeks to break it in :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For Bard

Bard is away so I’ve taken a few pictures for him, but you can look, too :)

Tuesday Morning …


Kate waking up :)


The kids spent an hour playing with beans and rice at the table.  Emerson, claiming all the tools as his own!

03-IMG_9592 04-IMG_9586 Mathis was too engrossed in listening to Odyssey to play.

05-IMG_9588 06-IMG_9589

Emerson giving me his pouty face.  He’s a natural!  We moved on to playdough later and Kate made this snowman.

07-IMG_9593 08-IMG_9597

My lunch.  I knew you’d want to see it …. spaghetti sauce w/ ground beef topped with eggs and cheese.  By the way, we’re down to 7 eggs and I’m panicking.  I’ve started rationing!


The boys cleaning off your car so we can get the Morlan’s package out.


Eliza watched from the window while the kids played outside and they had a grand time coming to see her and making her laugh.


So glad we have underfloor heating!!


I made up some spray bottles with green and red water in them and the kids had a blast!  Had to take the next one really quickly, hence the blur … she did this herself!

 13-IMG_9607 14-IMG_9611

Priceless, huh?  Apparently, Emerson placed first :)


Action shot :)  Emerson had three belts and the suspenders on, plus an extra belt to hold his dagger :)

21-IMG_9577 22-IMG_9579

the many faces …

23-IMG_9580 24-IMG_9581

This was his “get the enemy” face.


Mathis headed out this morning to get some butter for breakfast.  I had no idea it was going to snow.  We woke up to six inches of fresh snow and it’s still coming down :)

15-IMG_9615 16-IMG_9616

View out the front door this morning :)


17-IMG_9618 18-IMG_9619 19-IMG_9621