Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Pictures

Hello, all.  Thought you would enjoy some fun pictures of the kids.  We went to a wildlife park to see Santa (aka Father Christmas).  This is one of the things that is quite different for us here in England.  Seeing Santa is definitely a different experience.  First, you can hardly find a place to visit the dear old man that you don’t have to pay, and it’s not cheap!  They did get some fun face painting done, although Kate wasn’t keen on a stranger touching her face so she opted to have a flower on her hand :)  IMG_0036

Jackson isn’t sad our uncooperative, that’s just his contemplative face :)  It was raining pretty good, but we still enjoyed seeing the roaming peacocks and lots of different birds, a few reindeer resting up before the big night, a very sweet Christmas fairy in a gypsy caravan, Santa in the tiniest house ever (I had to stoop to get in), and the beautiful lights decorating the trees and paths through the park.  We made the best of it, despite the rain.  I’m not sure why there was no photo op with Santa, but the kids did think it was pretty cool to be in his sleigh.  The reindeer, whose horns you see in the background, was made of metal, mostly horseshoes … interesting! 

Hopefully, you’ve received our Christmas picture, so I thought you’d enjoy seeing a few of the 397 photos we took to get a good one :)  We did this over two days and four different set ups.  We had to get as much light as possible and it gets dark here at 4:30 so I couldn’t wait until Bard got home.  It was pretty crazy, but so worth it.  I love these outtakes!  The winner is the last picture, if you want to skip to the end :)

 02-IMG_8505 03-IMG_8507 04-IMG_8509 05-IMG_8513 06-IMG_8526 07-IMG_8507-001 08-IMG_8515-001 09-IMG_8544-001 10-IMG_8612 11-IMG_8641 12-IMG_8655 13-IMG_8658

Notice Kate’s smile in the photos below?  She was soooo happy to get to hold Eliza!

14-IMG_8664 15-IMG_8668 16-IMG_8669 17-IMG_8674 18-IMG_8686 19-IMG_8691 20-IMG_8707 21-IMG_8711 22-IMG_8715



If I forgot to send you one (and it’s completely possible), here’s the winner …

use this one

Monday, November 12, 2012

Here she is …

A little Eliza montage for you …
Can you spot her new skill in the fourth third picture?
IMG_8010 IMG_8012
 IMG_8014 IMG_8015
IMG_8016 IMG_8017

Friday, November 9, 2012


He’s just so crazy … such a crack up.  I sent Mathis out to  get some cream from the the garage where our extra refrigerator is (the one inside the house is the size of  a large under counter cabinet :) 

This is what came back …


He’s such a clown and loves to make people laugh.  Anything he notices that makes people laugh he tries to copy.  He loves his overalls and would prefer to wear them every day.  When I do give him other trousers to wear, he’ll often put his overalls on over them :)   He likes to tell people that the words on the front say “Rescue.”


You’ll rarely get a regular old smile out of Emerson when you take his pictures.  He’s always a soldier of some sort, always posing in the middle of a battle move.  And there are sound effects to go along with his poses.  Bottle of cream as a gun?  Why not?