Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving Out

Ready or not, here they come! Despite finding out that the movers were coming two days earlier than anticipated, we pulled everything together in time for their arrival.

Suddenly, this long process of moving our family from here to there just became much more tangible. Sunday night, after the dust of preparing to move had forced me out of the house for some fresh air, I was walking around the yard and reminiscing about all our family has experienced in the house over the past seven years. When we moved in, it was just Bard and I, expecting the arrival of our first baby in just two weeks. Four babies later, we're leaving with an amazing amount of memories, and more construction than we'd care to remember. I'm glad we'll be coming back here in three years, but I wonder if we'll feel the same way about leaving England.

Our movers were great and made the whole process go very smoothly. The kids and I had fun coming over and trying to figure out what was hidden behind the brown wrapping paper. This one's kind of obvious, huh? I don't know how the couch stayed on it's end, but it definitely gave me plenty to worry about as the kids ran in an out of the house.
It will be nearly two months before our things arrive and I think it will be like Christmas opening everything up!

No, this isn't Bard's wedding dress, the movers thought our last name was Bardwell :)

Little guy, big truck :)

It was very strange to walk through our house and not see all the things that made our house a home. Kate declared that it definitely made her sad to see everything gone. Having the house empty will make it much easier to finish the drywall and paint. The kids and I are heading out of town for a while so Bard can finish up a couple of more projects before we say goodby the the construction projects we've lived with for the last seven years ... it's one thing I don't think we'll miss!

The night before the movers came, our family threw a goodbye party for us. I only captured this one photo, but it's a good one, don't you think? Baby James is the cutest little guy!

Mmmm, homemade ice cream with all the toppings :)

There's more, of course, but it's time to check out of our hotel room that's been home for the last three days and continue our life as nomads ...

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