Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I Ponder at Night

A few things I don't quite get about this lovely country ...

Mushy peas? Yes, my friends, you will find this on many a menu and seems to be a staple with fish and chips. It came with a fish and chips meal we ordered last week. I gave it a hesitant taste, and yes, indeed, it's mushy peas. Exactly what you might expect from the name. With a little salt added, it was pretty good, if you like peas, and you like them mushy.

Toilets shapes .... it's not a matter of right or wrong, I guess. I just assumed that toilet seats everywhere shared the same oval shape as those that grace the thrones in the old USA.

This little set up is what flushes the toilet.

You push it, it flushes. But what baffles my mind is the division. The smaller button flushes the toilet in the same way as the larger button. So why my friends, are they divided?

Moving on .... in search for a broom I found this at both the apartments we've stayed in.

While handy at sweeping up small spaces, it doesn't seem practical for larger expanses of wood flooring. Upon further searching at the first apartment I found a vacuum cleaner that worked great on the wood floors (I'd like to get one myself!). At the second apartment, however, no such luck, so we decided to buy one at the store. Guess what we found?? Exactly! Lots of these cute, but not so useful sets. So, it begs the question ... what do they have against full sized brooms?

And last, but not least ...

Anyone have insight into these mysterious settings on our stove?

How about these?

We had cold spaghetti for lunch today :)

And because no post is complete without a picture of one of my darling children, here she is, ready for church on Sunday morning. I'm sure when I packed her clothes in late June that this dress was longer and those sweater sleeves reached her wrists! Isn't she adorable?


  1. Michael commented on the toilet shape..."Square? Those are for big bums." Hahaha! I got a rolling laugh from that one! About the toilet button, Michael says it's probably different amount of gallons, I mean liters, per flush.

  2. yep one's for liquids and both are pushed for solids... :-)

  3. okay, I'm smart enough to have thought that, so you would have got quite a laugh out of watching me flush one, then both, then one, then both ... trying to figure out the difference ... I didn't notice any ... guess I'll have to pay more attention to the quantity of water flow :)