Friday, November 9, 2012


He’s just so crazy … such a crack up.  I sent Mathis out to  get some cream from the the garage where our extra refrigerator is (the one inside the house is the size of  a large under counter cabinet :) 

This is what came back …


He’s such a clown and loves to make people laugh.  Anything he notices that makes people laugh he tries to copy.  He loves his overalls and would prefer to wear them every day.  When I do give him other trousers to wear, he’ll often put his overalls on over them :)   He likes to tell people that the words on the front say “Rescue.”


You’ll rarely get a regular old smile out of Emerson when you take his pictures.  He’s always a soldier of some sort, always posing in the middle of a battle move.  And there are sound effects to go along with his poses.  Bottle of cream as a gun?  Why not?



  1. His overalls are just a tribute to his namesake=) He is getting so tall!

  2. Emerson, you are such a helper getting all that stuff from the garage but what happened to Mathis. I will send you some overalls.

  3. Melissa, that is so funny, I didn't even think of that :). Mom, he would be soooo happy. That hole you saw is getting bigger and bigger!

  4. What a CUTE post. Trevor is a huge overall fan too. I told him to get dressed for church this Sunday afternoon and he came down in a sweatshirt and a pair of overalls. He would wear them everyday. The older boys like them too, but we only have smaller sizes. Andrea, do you remember when Zachary was little and you had just had Mathis and you asked me what I liked to dress him in? I said overalls and they are still great for little boys!

  5. Who is this boy? We don't recognize him!!! We're heading into overall territory here for the first time in a long time :)

  6. I was looking at the picture of him in the header of the blog and realizing how much he has changed! Lesli, no I don't remember that at all :( Why do they only make overalls in little boy sizes? This pair is a 4T and Jackson loved them first so now they have a hole in them. I know Mathis would love a pair. That story about Trevor is so funny! T

  7. Forgor to say, Emerson found a jean jumper in the girls clothes box that has the overall style on top. He was so excited for Eliza to wear her "girl" overalls with him :) I took a picture, but between Eliza fussing and Emerson trying to comfort her it didn't turn out so well.