Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Carol Service

We did have a lovely Christmas Carol Service at our church, but the one in this post was put on by Mathis and Kate (and they were very serious about it!).  Above you can see the decorations, including last years craft project and the pine branch that Mathis found somewhere and brought home.  It is still "living" in a jar of water on his windowsill.

Kate, so prim and properly, dressed up for church with her baby ever so quietly resting beside her!

 Mathis preparing for the sermon.

Making bulletins for everyone :)

 My hymnal, but you knew that didn't you??

 Oh dear, baby is stirring ... (see her Mama "shhhing")

By the looks of Mama's face, things aren't going well!

 Mid-sermon ...

A stern look from pastor to misbehaving toddler (can you tell I had a blast watching all this going on??)

Immersed in the song service.

This is the way most of our days go ...lost of dress up, lots of reenacting anything that's happened lately, lots of  serious play .... the work of childhood :) 


  1. O.K., we are very proud of you for the update:). The pictures are GREAT and FUNNY. I totally relate to your day. We don't have much quiet play though. This morning it was a cowboy fight. The boys AND Emilie were using guns to knock each other out - it got kind of messy. Emilie would love to play dolls with Kate, she (Kate) looks so cute and serious. Mathis is looking more and more like Bard. Have a good day! Lesli